Why Handicap Bathtub Prices Differ

Handicapped bathtubs also known as walk in tubs are bathtubs that are specially designed to cater for the need of individuals who have mobility issues. It help handicapped individuals to be self-reliant when they are taking a shower. These bathtubs are specially designed and have a door at the waist level, built in seating, a low carb am among many other options including extended shower head, massaging water jest and grab bars. It actually helps handicapped people to enjoy bathing just like any other person. But what are handicap bathtub prices? The cost and price of retail handicap bathtubs usually range from $1500 to $3000 or even more. Customized handicapped bathtubs price usually range from $6000 to $8000. So have you ever asked yourself why does the price range of handicapped bathtubs differs? Below are main reasons why.

  1. Quality

Not all handicapped bathtubs are equal, some are of high quality while other are of low quality. Handicapped bathtubs that have made form high quality material are usually tough and resilient. They can withstand harsh conditions and can last for many years if well maintained. On the other hand, low quality bathtubs are made from low quality materials that wears out easily. As a result handicapped bathtub made form high quality material tend to be more expensive than those made form low quality material.

  1. Brand

Different brand sell their product at different prices. Some brand sell their products at a high prices than other due to demand and cost of production. However, it should be very clear that when a brand sell its product at higher price, it dos necessarily means that, that particular brand sell high quality brand than the other. In fact, you may end up discovering that the brand that sell its product at a cheaper price is actually of better quality than that which sells its product at a higher price. Brand price is usually determined by the cost of production and market demand. http://walkinbathtubreview.org/walk-in-bathtub-advice/

  1. Customized

Some people prefer handicapped bathtubs that have been customized. Customized bathtubs are usually more expensive because they are designed according to the owner’s specifications. They have many added features such as massaging water jets among many others that normal handicapped bathtub doesn’t have. They are usually designed with care and it takes longer time to manufacture a customized handicapped bathtub as compared other normal tubs. As a result, they are usually sold at a higher price than the normal handicapped bathtubs.